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Signs You Need Sprinkler Repair

It’s important that you take care of your sprinkler system or else you could need costly a sprinkler repair. There are some warning signs that could indicate a repair is needed.

Uneven Water: Keep an eye out for pools of water in different areas of the lawn, driveways, or sidewalks. Also, pay attention to dry patches of grass. These are signs that a valve needs repair or a head needs to be adjusted. Be sure to check your zone settings since these may be incorrect and need to be reset.

Loss of Pressure: If there is a loss of pressure then it won’t be spraying water and this shows the system could be malfunctioning. If there is too little pressure, you won’t get the water your yard needs and if there is too much pressure, it will wear out the system's equipment earlier than necessary. If the regulators and control valves are fine then it could be the irrigation pipes. Pipes are susceptible to tree roots and shifting ground and can easily be damaged.

Sputtering Heads: If your sprinkler heads are spraying off target then it could be a pressure valve problem. However, it could also be cracks in the system. If this is an issue, you may need sprinkler installation and repair. If your sprinkler head is coughing, it could have been knocked out of position or it’s clogged.

Dripping Control Valves: It’s abnormal if your valve is constantly leaking or dripping. Damp areas around the filters and pressure regulators can be a sign of trouble and you don’t want to ignore this. Check for grass clippings, mold, bubbles, or dirt particles.

High Water Bill: If the monthly bill is suddenly high, you want to check with a sprinkler installation and repair professional. You could have a leak that is letting water escape and costing you way more money than necessary.

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