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Questions for Your Landscaping Contractor

When planning commercial landscaping, you will be working with a landscaping contractor. It helps to have some questions in mind so you know exactly what you are getting.

Where do you source plants and trees? You don’t necessarily have to choose native species but your landscaping contractor should use plants that grow in your area. This will save you money since shipping costs add up and the plants are more likely to thrive in your commercial landscaping. These plants will also require less maintenance.

Who will handle maintenance? It helps to outline the overall maintenance plan with the company and verify if the plan is included in the work contract.

How long do you estimate the project will take? Just like any other project, bad weather and other unforeseen circumstances can be a possibility. Completion dates for landscaping projects can be hard to pin down but be sure to let the contractor know if there are any deadlines on your end.

When will plantings reach maturity? Unless you are specifically requesting something different, the landscaping crew will usually plant young shrubs and saplings. This is because more established plants are more expensive and don’t necessarily transplant well. Learn how long it will take for the plants to reach their full size.

Is there something you can do to lower costs? Commercial landscaping can be expensive. If the estimate for the work is higher than you would like it to be, then let the contractor know. He or she can suggest some alternative plants or design changes that may be able to bring the cost down to something you are more comfortable with.

What should you expect for the work? You should ask the foreman for a general idea of what you can expect the work to look like and when you can expect landscapers to arrive and leave each day. Keep in mind that bad weather and scheduling conflicts can change this slightly.

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